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Perioperative Services Preceptor Certificate of Mastery (PSP-COM)
May 7, 2024
8:00 am to 4:00 pm MT

The Perioperative Services Preceptor Certificate of Mastery (PSP-COM) is an in depth 6-month program that will provide you with guidance and tools to develop your skills and be successful as a preceptor at your facility. The overall outcome of PSP-COM is to develop skills for each of the seven preceptor roles based on the Ulrich Precepting Model.
PSP-COM kicks off with a one-day virtual course that starts with a basic review of core precepting concepts and precepting strategies. There is significant pre-live
coursework that must be completed prior to the kick-off. The live course is followed by self-study modules filled with informative presentations and resources for the learner to complete essential coursework and assignments for each of the seven roles.
Course Objectives
At the completion of the course, you will be able to:
  • Utilize the Ulrich Precepting Model.
  • Understand the key concepts of precepting.
  • Identify precepting strategies for success.
  • Determine requirements to perform the responsibilities of the seven roles of the preceptor.
Earn your Perioperative Services Preceptor Certificate of Mastery by completing pre-course work, participating in the live course, actively engaging in the lectures, breakout sessions, and completing all required pre- and post-live course assignments.
Course Components
In addition to pre-course work, the following components will be covered during the one-day live course:
  • Review of the national preceptor research study
  • Precepting models
  • Transition to practice
  • Reflection and mindfulness
  • Completing a preceptor development plan
Please note: all pre-course work must be completed to access the modules and learning material for the live course.
Post-course work components in the CCI online classroom:
  • Introduction to the seven validated roles of the preceptor from Ulrich Precepting Model:
    •  Teacher/Coach
    • Leader/Influencer
    • Facilitator
    • Evaluator
    • Socialization Agent
    • Protector
    • Role Model
  • Coursework to include presentations, activities, and competency assignments for each of the seven roles
Upon successful completion of the Certificate of Mastery program, learners receive:
  • Electronic Certificate of Mastery  
  • Digital Badges for each of the components & the Certificate of Mastery
  • 150 points towards CNOR/CSSM/CNAMB recertification requirements
Earning the Perioperative Services Preceptor Certificate of Mastery will give you a full understanding of the value, key concepts, strategies for success for individuals in a preceptor role in perioperative services. Instructions for accessing the course will be provided by email after you complete the checkout process. This program is a Certificate of Mastery, not a certification. Learners must complete all coursework within 6 months to earn the Certificate of Mastery.
Refunds are not available. All sales are final, CCI does not accept returns or provide refunds.
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